All the truth about Tadalafil & ED treatment

Even if you have already read about erectile dysfunction treatment, and are sure that you need the yellow pills, better learn all the truth about Tadalafil before you buy Cialis. First of all, keep in mind that no medicine is a panacea. First, Cialis tablets or their equivalents may not suit you. For example, because of chronic diseases and contraindications. Secondly, such medications act only when you are sexually stimulated and naturally aroused, but not as a magic wand from children’s cartoons. On the other hand, more than 80% of men suffering from erectile problems get rid of them with the help of this drug. Moreover, this tool seems to be perfect for the permanent treatment of impotence.

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How you can buy Cialis without overpaying

As far as Cialis and its equivalents effectively treat ED of any origin, you are most likely to be interested in purchasing the drug. But how can you buy Cialis without overpaying? This brief guide will help you to make the right choice!

Handy guide to Cialis for erectile dysfunction. First of all, learn the principle of action of the medicine, possible side effects and existing dosages. Also, discover over-the-counter Cialis benefits.

Cialis VS Viagra: Compare best-selling drugs. Due to understanding the difference between Viagra and Cialis, you can choose the perfect remedy for impotence and pick the right dose. Thus, the treatment will be more effective.

Buy generic Cialis: How to? Equivalent medications are always much cheaper than the branded versions. Therefore, you might appreciate our tips which help to purchase Cialis in generic form online in trustworthy drugstores.

Where to get Cialis coupon and save 5% or even more? Let’s observe the most common ways to get free Tadalafil coupons for additional discount when buying on the Internet. Mind that promo codes may expire shortly, so use them right away.

How Cialis affects erectile dysfunction

First of all, let’s take a look at the fundamental properties of the yellow weekend pills. How does Cialis affect erectile dysfunction? What side effects can the medication cause? When is it contraindicated? What are the chances to cure impotence with Tadalafil tablets? How to choose the right dosing schedule to provide the maximum effect?

Like other similar drugs, this pharmaceutical is an inhibitor of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5. If translated from the scientific language, the medicine blocks certain substances in the human body. Thus, it provides relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis, and simultaneously causes an increase in blood flow in the pelvic area. As a result, after taking Cialis, an excited man can easily achieve and maintain an erection.

The main difference between Tadalafil and other medications is the duration of action. On average, Cialis is able to block a “bad” enzyme up to 36 hours. Actually, this is the main advantage of the yellow pills for most men. If you are sexually aroused, you can make love any time you wish during the whole weekend. In addition, you can use the drug for the long-term ED treatment. Just take these tablets in the minimum dosage on a daily basis, and enjoy sex when needed.

Cialis vs Viagra: Compare to choose the best

Many men doubt which tablets better to choose to treat erectile dysfunction. The choice Cialis vs Viagra is really difficult: both medicines are highly effective and safe. So, before making a decision and buying Cialis or another medicine, try to compare different means to improve the quality of erection.

The main similarity between yellow and blue pills lies in the basic principle of their action. All these substances block certain enzymes, causing relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis and significantly increasing blood flow in the genital area. If a man is excited enough, he can get and keep a strong erection. Both Viagra and Cialis work only under the condition of natural sexual stimulation. In addition, in both cases it is necessary to follow a series of strict rules. For example, you should not take these tablets more than once a day. And in no case should you exceed the maximum recommended daily dose.

What about the difference? The main thing is the duration of action. While the blue pills allow you to enjoy sex just for 4-6 hours, the effect of Tadalafil persists for 36 hours or more. In addition, Cialis is recommended for the ED treatment on a daily basis. It is enough to take one pill of 2.5 mg or 5 mg once a day to be ready to make love at any time.

Where to buy Cialis online and offline

Theoretically, you can purchase the yellow pills to improve your sexual life or to cure impotence both in a regular pharmacy with a prescription and on the Internet without a doctor’s advice. Anyway, we offer you this small guide which answers the question of where to buy Cialis online and offline in detail.

So, the first approach is to purchase the drug in a local drugstore with a medical prescription issued by your physician or another specialist. It is worth warning that this way is quite long, and it also requires considerable expenses. First of all, you have to make an appointment with your therapist who should study your health records and listen to your complaints. Then, the doctor will most likely prescribe you a series of medical tests to diagnose “erectile dysfunction” or “impotence.” In the absence of a diagnosis, no one will give you a valid prescription for Cialis.

You may also have to visit other professionals, for example, a psychiatrist, a sexologist and an urologist. If the prescription is obtained, you can go to the nearest pharmacy and purchase the medicine needed. The second approach is simpler. You just need to find a reliable website on the Internet where you can quickly buy Cialis online without a prescription.
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Get Cialis coupon and save 5%

Although the purchase of medicines on the Internet itself can help you save a lot of money, with this particular drug, there are additional ways to spend as little as possible. We’d like to name all the existing ways not to overpay for the magic yellow pills:

  • Search for the best offer. Before buying Cialis, compare prices for the same tablets in different online pharmacies.
  • Pay attention to discounts available. Particularly, you may count on regular seasonal or holiday sales. In addition, some Internet drugstores offer additional discounts for regular or, vice versa, new customers.
  • Get Cialis coupon and save 5% or more. You can find free coupons for the purchase of Cialis on special sites or HERE. Applying a promotional code before paying, you will get an extra discount.
  • Explore other options for additional savings. In particular, each pill costs less if you buy a large package of tablets. Moreover, such packs are often delivered free of charge, at the expense of the pharmacy. Free samples of the most popular pills for erectile dysfunction are another bonus.
  • Consider the fact that buying Cialis without a prescription itself saves you a lot of money. Also, not visiting doctors and not waiting for a prescription, you save valuable time.

Magical effects of Tadalafil on the male body

Most people have no idea how do well-known “male” pills act to improve potency. Nevertheless, almost everyone knows that such medications can help to get more pleasure from sex, contribute to a stronger and longer lasting erection, and even allow to completely cure erectile dysfunction or even impotence. So, what is the basis of magical effects of Tadalafil on the male body?

Being an inhibitor of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5, this pharmacological substance triggers a number of complex processes in the human body. First of all, it blocks the negative effect of this enzyme on the potency. Smooth muscles of the penis relax, and the flow of blood in the genital area increases noticeably. Please note that all this happens only if you have already started sexual stimulation of any kind and are naturally aroused. Quite often men, even being excited enough, cannot achieve a quality erection and keep it long enough to get the maximum pleasure from sex. Fortunately, with Cialis tablets all this becomes possible. What is important, erection disappears after the sexual intercourse, so it won’t bother you in vain.

The main difference between the yellow pills of Tadalafil and other similar medications is the unsurpassed duration of action of this magic drug. While other medicines affect the quality of erection for just a few hours, this substance is excreted from the body within 24-36 hours, sometimes up to 40 hours. This means that during this time you can enjoy love-making again and again. Some men prefer slow sex, others fast sexual intercourse, and everyone will definitely love the Cialis effect.

Seems like the magic of Tadalafil, the main active ingredient of the yellow pills, is unlimited. Particularly, this substance causes less unpleasant side effects than other comparable ones. Also, it has less requirements for the treatment process itself. In particular, you should not take the most popular blue tablets simultaneously with alcoholic beverages and certain foods. Cialis always acts great, no matter what you eat and drink. Possible side effects of the weekend pills are significantly less, too. Unlike Viagra, Cialis does not cause any nasal problems (such as bleeding, stuffed or runny nose). Moreover, it does not affect vision, and almost never leads to dizziness.